Location from start to finish

Location Intelligence SDK for your Android app.

Battery efficient trip tracking, location identification, and geofencing.

Building blocks for location apps
Easily add location insights to your app with the LOOP SDK.
React to changes in context. Receive a callback when users enter or exit a location.
Identify home and work
Auto detect your user's home and work, and change your app based on their context.
Auto detect when trips start and end, and receive data on the path, time, distance, and locale.
Location context made easy

Native contextual insights

Auto-generate location insights including trips taken, geofencing alerts, and location history. Use these insights from the LOOP SDK to building a location aware app.

Auto detect trips

This sample app uses LOOP to automatically detect journeys you take. Your mode of transport, driving path, travel time and distance are calculated for every trip you take. Download the app or fork it on Github.

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Explore our docs

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